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I made Thranduil's cape. 2 velvet, red and silver, are heavy. I can't wear it TT^TT  This Sunday, Eorlingas ID gathered for watching movie The Hobbit BOFA. I guess I wear my usual Thranduil's costume ;P  *sigh* Velvet is beautiful but really heavy.
Bard, Elron, and Thranduil cosplay by seawaterwitch
Bard, Elron, and Thranduil cosplay
Pre Screening. December 16th 2014.
Thanks to Warner Brothers Indonesia for inviting Eorlingas ID club.
The night when cinema were full with elves, hobbit, etc :D

Photo Credit : Vawensa in Facebook. Thanks Bro !~
How to make Thranduil's armor part 3 by seawaterwitch
How to make Thranduil's armor part 3
I was using anything that I can found and I can bought fast. The motifs built from shopping bag's rope. Glue is Fox Stick. It is difficult to find the right glue for art foam TT^TT and...the motif is wrong...opps.... :D  an dthen I will painting this with Reeves Acryclic paint. Wish me luck. I am working in panic >.<
Elros, Thranduil, and Elrond by seawaterwitch
Elros, Thranduil, and Elrond
Nay. The Elronds cosplay, they are great cosplayers :)

Photo Credit: Monika Suryadi from Eorlingas.
Dec 16th 2014.
The Hobbit BOFA pree screening - Jakarta - Indonesia.
Elves in queue by seawaterwitch
Elves in queue
Photo Credit: Monika Suryadi - Eorlingas Club.
Goldberry, Elrond, and Thranduil.

Dec 16th 2014.
The Hobbit. Pre Screening - Jakarta Indonesia.


PREMIER THE HOBBIT BOFA at Jakarta 16th December 2014

Hi, my name is Mira.
I'm graphic designer. My job is making people beauty in adobe photoshop. I'm a photo manipulator :)

I'm working in hell .....
But I always love my Hell ^^v
I salute you PJ. I am fanatic with the book. But fan fiction movie drom PJ is a great movie.

Can't wait to rewatch again on Cinema 21.

I already watch it on the Premiere with WB Indonesia. and This Sunday, December 21th 2014. I am going to watch it again.

Since my house near Mall Kelapa Gading. I bet I am gonna watch the movie again.

The movie : The Battle of Five Armies - all schenes and scenery have a meaning, not just a pretty sight or pretty face. I really2 love it.

and What was that? Dain - The Iron foot said - Thranduil is pretty (I'm gonna cut your pretty heads off). and Why Thranduil play with his eyes when Dain said that (he is pretty).  and Why Thorin gave Bilbo so tender look..OMG.....fujoshi's heaven XDD LOL Their fight like husband and wife's fight.

When Legolas said,my mother died here. and the schene Lady Galadriel carrying Gandalf easily, I guess high elf Ladies are really strong. So Maybe Thranduil's wife died in the battle, when she fought an army of orcs, side by side with Thranduil. Remember Haldir's schene in Two Tower, maybe , Thranduil's wife share the same fate and dying as Haldir. Cos' she become her husband shield.

I can't wait to draw the scene :D
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Gonna try and sew a hooped petticoat in the future.  The hoopskirt will likely be bought off of ebay but I want to try and add enough layers to make it look smooth and attractive. ^^
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Awesome *__*
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Yup.  Can't promise anything but I'm going to start with the petticoat before the dress, which is likely going to have a schoolgirl-style blouse with puffed sleeves and a collar ribbon, a flirty sash, and a rich striped skirt that slopes evenly to the floor and looks great swishing with chiffon layers underneath. ^^
seawaterwitch Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
WOW!!!~ You want to make a civil war dress costume?  *__* Crinoline and Victorian era ..I Love It :D
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